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As a member of OASN, you can optimize patient care and business performance through several network-based benefits:


Rather than contracting individually with each managed care provider in Ohio, OASN will negotiate contracts on behalf of the network; leveraging size and quality to optimize contract provisions with a strong focus on value-based opportunities to partner with managed care plans.

quality performance driven

Measure and improve your overall quality through the network.  Collecting data across all providers will allow for benchmarking and self-discovery, providing visibility to both strengths and opportunities for improvement.

best practices

Collaborate on all measures of best practice – from clinical protocols to business office procedures.

Peer Support

Participating in various committees will introduce you to colleagues from around the state with a similar vision.  Expand your professional network and resource availability through your OASN network affiliation.


Allow the network to advocate on your behalf.  When difficulties arise, the network can work for you to provide guidance, and when necessary, intervention and advocacy at the plan and state level.


Through the partnership with Strategic Health Care, members can rely on their Credentialing Staff to collect and disperse plan level notifications regarding your facility, saving your facility time and hassle.

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